Rina Arem

Cooking Dates


In the art of cooking, we find a beautiful canvas to express our desires for each other, one delicious stroke at a time.


From a young age, I discovered my love for culinary exploration, and as I got older, my fascination with creating unique blends of flavors and sweetness blossomed. Cooking and baking became my canvas for expressing appreciation and affection.


As I continue into my cooking journey, I find that more nodes are created when the space is shared with somebody else. The act of cooking together involves a playful dance of coordination, where hands may brush against each other while chopping vegetables or stirring a simmering sauce. The exchange of glances and subtle smiles conveys a silent understanding of the chemistry simmering between us.


In the kitchen, let our story unfolded, one recipe at a time, leaving a trail of heartwarming memories, naught, and/or cherished moments. So let me cook for you or join me in creating blends of flavors together.

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Let’s cut to the chase. First, let’s do whatever our naughtiest minds can ring up and then go into the kitchen and feed our stomachs.

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6 to 8HRS - USD$3,800

Some time out and about enjoying whatever the outside world has for us then we can go back to cook!

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8 to 12HRS - USD$4,800

The world is our oyster! We could shop around or go to the park before we make our way back for private time!

The Details

Due to me having to go grocery shopping for this date, prep anything that may take up time if I was to cook at your allotted time, so for the nature of the date, same-day appointments CANNOT work. 


48hrs notice is required, but the shortest I’m willing to accept is only 24hrs. 

When inquiring through my booking form, please make sure to tell me about any dietary restrictions and allergies you may have. If I do see that no dietary restrictions and/or allergies were added, I am just going to automatically assume you do not have any, so PLEASE make sure to add these when filling in my booking form. 

Even though I do prefer OutCalls over InCalls, I do accept InCall inquires. I just ask that you add in your donation for lodging. OutCalls, please add roundtrip Uber cost or arrange a car for my transportation.


 All lodging will be done at a very nice or upscale hotel with a kitchen unit or AirBnB. I’ll send lodging cost alongside with deposit. 

OutCall / InCall inquiries do require a 24-48HRS notice.

Dates 3 to 4 hours will not require any social time since 1.5hrs of it will be used cooking. 


Dates starting at 6 to 8 hours need at most 1.5 to 2 hours of social time. 


Dates starting at 8 to 12 hours need at most 2 to 3 hours of social time. 

$200 per hour


$1,500 per day.

Sure thing! Want me to cook for you when I get to your state,city or we can cook  together. 

All cooking dates require a non-negotiable 50% deposit to secure our time together and to grocery shop. Traveling dats also require travel expenses upfront to secure our time together.


Deposits can be paid via cashapp, wishtender, or bitcoin. If you would prefer a more discrete deposit option a virtual visa gift card is acceptable. Deposits are non-refundable, however, in the rare event that I have to cancel, I will of course refund you.

I ask for a timely 48 hours advanced notice, and the deposit paid will be valid for a reschedule within 90 days (3 months) of our original date.


For all FMTY, please provide at least three days before flight time notice. Deposits paid will be valid for a reschedule within 120 (4 months) of our original date. On the rare occasion that I must cancel our date, the deposit will be refunded fully within 24 hours or at my soonest on situational based cases.


If dates are cancelled less than 24hrs or same day cancellation, 100% cancellation is needed for my time.

If dates are cancelled less than 48hrs or same day cancellation, 75% cancellation is needed for my time.

If dates are cancelled less than 72hrs or same day cancellation, 25% cancellation is needed for my time.

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